Vision Ats 63a Mini Electrical Selector Switches 63a 100a For Generator


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Vision Ats 63a Mini Electrical Selector Switches 63a 100a For Generator

Product Description

VISION ATS 63A MINI Electrical Selector Switches 63A 100A for generator

 Dual power automatic transfer switch (hereinafter referred to as transfer switch) is composed of one or several transfer switch appliances and other necessary appliances for detecting the power circuit and automatically transferring one or more load circuits from one power source to another Powered appliances. It is a dual-power automatic transfer switch with perfect performance, safety and reliability, high degree of automation and wide range of use.

product name 
Dual power automatic transfer switch
Number of switching poles:
 2P / 3P / 4P 
Product number 
Conversion time:
 2 seconds 
Rated frequency: 
50Hz / 60Hz

Rated current: 
10A ~ 63A
Operation mode: 
manual / automatic 
Rated voltage:

AC220V / AC400V 


■ Good installation performance ■ Using dual-row composite contacts, horizontal pull-type mechanism, micro-motor pre-storage, and microelectronic control technology to achieve zero arcing (no arc extinguishing cover) ■ Reliable mechanical interlock and electrical interlock ■ Using zero-crossing technology, it can be forced to zero in an emergency (cut off two power sources at the same time) ■ It has obvious on-off position indication, padlock and other functions to reliably realize the isolation between power supply and load. ■ High reliability, service life more than 8000 times ■ Mechatronics design, accurate, flexible and smooth switching ■ Good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability, no external interference ■ High degree of automation ■ The switch has multiple input / output interfaces to facilitate remote PLC control and system automation. ■ The switch works without any external control components


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